The End of Windows

… as we know it.


Nagging Windows 10… (something not political/meme-ish for a change!)
There may be a way to stop this – for awhile…  the obscure text below will tell Windows 8.1 and some versions prior not to nag you.
Until Microsoft INSISTS on bothering the crap out of you to take the upgrade – which is not necessarily a bad thing on many ‘current’ systems.
Windows 10 is the end-of-the-line for Windows OSes as we know them. There probably won’t be a “Windows 11” as such.  MS is ramping up to make operating-system-as-a-service the new model. 
Rather than play the Service Pack game for larger feature and function enhancements,

OS upgrades will be rendered incrementally almost whenever Microsoft sees-fit, but generally expected to be part of the monthly “Patch Tuesday” cycle. 
The different news about this is that at some point Microsoft will have to charge you for ‘Windows’ somehow. If they do that the way they are rendering “Office 365” (who wants to be in the office 365?) they will eventually require you to subscribe to the operating system.  After all big corporations DO have to make money – their executives and high-level employees depend on their stock grants and options…
Who knows if the subscription will be by the month, or year, per family pack, etc. 
If Microsoft could have gotten as much operating system revenue out of PC sales as Apple does by iOS and Mac sales, things might be different.  But that the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo, et al can sell devices without an OS, piracy is still a thing.   That could be one reason they are pushing on “Surface-land”. 
The Surface devices have evolved quite nicely from awkward ‘pad’ wanna-bes.  They won’t replace hard-core gaming and computationally-intense workstations – yet.  (Hmmmm… a full touch-screen Linux tablet convertible… why not?)   OSx on a Surface or similar – that would be nice (and affordable!)
So, there – one of my first “technical writing” pieces in a LONG time…
Now on to some short-term peace-of-mind:
—- copy from line below…
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
… to end of line above —-
Save as plain text file named NoWin10Nag.REG (be aware to not let it be saved just as NoWin10Nag.REG.txt or NoWin10Nag.txt – it must have ONLY the .REG extension.   ‘Explorer’ to it, double-click and import to your Windows Registry.

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