TechWorks, Now!

If you’re familiar with MikeRoweWorks you might be supportive and hopeful the initiative will continue to get traction and have success in the trades.

I have ‘written’ them a few times encouraging consideration for similar focus on technical training. Nadda, zero, zed, zip, zilch.

OK, I get it, Mike understands hammers, shovels, reptile sperm and pooh bags. Stick with what you know. Car clubs and welded lawn art.

While we have Maker and amateur radio and RC hackers, etc. there isn’t yet a focus on basic to advanced technical training – the kind we had in shop class and could get in some local tech colleges (I doubt anyone at De Anza or Mission or West Valley even know how to solder?)

So, I float this out there, and my friend Gordon Kraft craft will slap his forehead and exclaim I finally get it…

I want to do a “MikeRoweWorks” for tech, not 9 year olds writing Python code, 9 year olds learning to measure, wire, solder, scope, probe, crimp, assemble, test, identify, fix, verify… the basics of AC, DC, audio, RF, coax versus twisted, cellular versus 2-way, SCADA sensors, alarm loops, inverters vs chargers…

This has been my “punch drunk angst” for decades. When I realized my life, high school and job experiences somehow gave me as much or more than tech school or Navy A school. Even more when I realized that my PC mentor and I had gone through a tremendous teaching/learning experience not yet ever documented at the time and started writing books for others.

Here’s my ‘ask’. I need a good name for the initiative – TechWorks, TechFuture….

I need a collaborator (well, maybe I am that insecure)/muse to help form up the message and the mission – toward a GoFundMe/Kickstarter, etc. Some Board people and seed to get it legit on-record. Some tech companies with “shop people” and exposure. Might want to touch-base with to align partner/class/equipment access.

We’ll need ‘librarians’ to scout on-line tech lessons and be able to lead to practical opportunities.

Probably need “less institutional” (creative/flexible) curriculum assistance eventually.

If not this – then who is going to fix all those self-service fast-food kiosk machines displacing workers who won’t get $15/hr? Better let’s setup new-tech workers to make a legit functional $25/hr.

How did you get YOUR tech job? Who’s going to do as good a job as you when you retire? Let’s create those people now while we can!


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