Saving Who-ville…

A frequent response to the low-skill but need to make a living wage issue is “simply, get off your butt, learn a skill, get a better job.”

That to me sounds as intimidating and dismissive as the worst false-promise-hope of politicians, pundits, business leaders of “you can be anything you want to be!”

For those who advocate having “the conversation” – this is a good place to start.

HOW?  How would you expose then help your kids, g-kids, friends’ kids, a relative in North Platte, NE, the Bronx, Coolidge, AZ – into the potential of a non-college technical career (they can always get to college once they’ve found something to go for.)  ??  Or certified technical welding or high-rise crane operation?

It’s shouldn’t be surprising that folks will find more technical opportunities in more populated areas, and more infrastructure-related opportunities in outlying areas – a sad state of economics, social geography, geography, etc.

Your personal learning and job-getting experience will shed some light on things. You also need to consider, take inventory of all those things around you, that interconnect enable and empower you from electricity to high-tech connected cars, etc. Then the roads and things that make your house work, and what’s in your connected fridge.

I know it is hard to leave the comfort zone of assumption and expectation. I will challenge but not make you consider “root cause/origin” of these things.

The goal here is to realize and act upon, create and promote the other things that are essential to life between organic local kale and simultaneous streaming of every sports-ing event and the latest One World economic forecast based on outsourcing.

Ask people how they got interested in what actual work pleases them and keeps them accomplishing it.  Look for those opportunities, avenues, and help create paths to and through them.

Are you or your employer willing to invest in sustaining and improving the work and revenue generating capabilities – from the parking lot to the loading dock… or just getting by to the buy-out/acquisition or shutdown?

“Burger flipping” is no more.  “Free college” will be so over-crowded no one can hear or learn anything over the roar of FB and Tweet alerts from all the devices.

Ideas people. Examples and ideas!



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