…my life, in tech.

I’ve been playing and working in ‘tech’ as long as I can remember – my dad’s workshop and catching on to ham radio, electronics class in high school, radio-telephone interconnect/mobile technologies, medical instrumentation, forensic/scientific instrumentation, mini-computers, Apple ][c, PCs, utility software (think ProComm, Quarterdeck, DiagSoft), IT remote access, client configuration, business continuity/disaster recovery and public safety/disaster communications.

My passions lead to writing about tech, simply to allow more people to benefit from shared knowledge of tech. With mentors and co-authors and various encouragements I’ve created seven how-to books covering basic PC use, troubleshooting, wireless networking, and some pretty cool “PC science projects” books for wanna-be geeks and home-users. A keen periodical editor drafted me to create the “Windows Advisor” column for Computer Currents, and subsequently the “Windows Helpdesk” column for CNet.com.  There’s nothing like causing a popular stir to cause 100 e-mails/week flooding-in looking for sensible help with their tech issues, and helping users with each and every one of them.

Today, with hundreds of short-term trendy ‘tech’ sites and blogs out there, I hope to take what I learned about expressing complex things in daily-useful contexts to a broader realm of life and events.

– jim

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